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Welcome to our page on gas and propane grills, here you will find our recommended list of stand alone gas grills and built in gas grills. If you have any questions please feel free to fill our our form on the contact us page.

Best Gas and Propane grills

As you know a quality grill can transform your outdoor living space and become the focal point of the entire garden. The actual grill you purchase is important, it has to be made of a quality steel exterior so it not only looks great but also doesn’t deteriorate fast. The inner mechanics are equally important, you want an easy to use, clean and maintain grill that is big enough for you to cook for your guests. There is nothing worse than a grill that rusts, looks terrible and breaks easily. So these are the things that you should avoid. That is why why we have listed our top 10 gas grills that we would recommend for your garden. We separated our guide into 2 sections, free standing gas grills and inbuilt gas grills. Feel free to read the reviews that best suit your needs.

Top Freestanding Propane grills for 2017

Broil King Baron 590

The Baron 590 gas grill features five dual-tubed stainless steel burners. This means that each tube has two ribbons of flames, so you get a total of 10 rows across the surface of your grill. This is perfect to cook a large batch of food at once. The 480 square inch primary cooking surface plus 180 square inch warming rack surface means you can spend less time cooking and more time enjoying the company of your guests.

Each burner is controlled by an 180 degrees sensotouch control knob which allows you to set the heat to your desired setting. You also have an extra 10,000-BTU side burner for warming up sauces or sides while you finish grilling.

The burners are covered by flavor waves, which are also made from stainless steel. They distribute the heat across all the grill preventing any cold spots, and are also perfect for catching the drippings from your food, which will vaporize and penetrate it, giving it that delicious barbecue flavor.

There is a side table on one side which provides extra work space for any prep work you might need to do. When you are not using the side burner, close the lid and use it as an additional table as well. There is also a storage space for your gas tank which is covered by an elegant black metal panel.

The Broil Kings Baron’s lid has a centered thermometer to monitor the inside temperature of your grill. Two large wheels make it easy to move across your garden or patio. And once you’re done, its porcelain coated grates can be cleaned with no effort.

baron 590
baron 590
weber 2

Weber 47510001 Spirit E310

With a primary cooking surface of 424 square inches, plus the 105 square inches of the warming rack, the Spirit E310 has the perfect size to grill up a couple of burgers for everyone in your family. Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates retain the heat evenly and sear food beautifully. Best of all, they are removable and very easy to clean.  

A set of two handy side tables let you place your serving trays and seasonings, and each one has three hooks for hanging your tongues, spatulas and other accessories to keep them within reach.

This grill has three burners, each one with a knob that lets you control the heat as you need. The burners are lit by an electronic crossover ignition system which is controlled by an igniter button.

The burners are covered by porcelain-enameled flavorizer bars. Any drippings will be vaporized and sent back into your food, giving it that typical grill taste you love. If any drippings happen to get pass the flavorizer bars, they will be sent to the grease tray, and then funneled to a catch pan, both of which can be easily removed for quick cleaning

This is a high-quality grill that will last for many years. Its sturdy porcelain-enameled steel shroud means nor fading or rusting to worry about, and its stainless steel body makes cleaning it a breeze. A convenient set of wheels make it easy to move and can be locked into position once you have the grill set up.

You do need to keep in mind that this grill is designed to work with natural gas; it cannot use propane.

Weber 46810001 Spirit E330

The Spirit E330’s grates are made from cast iron and then are porcelain enameled, while the burners are made from stainless steel and provide a 30,000 BTU heat output for the ultimate in efficient cooking and durability.

The burners are protected by porcelain-coated triangular flavorizer bars. They not only shield the burners by catching drippings, which prevents flare-ups, but also turn these drippings into smoke that gives your food some extra flavor.

The feature that makes this grill stand out against its competitors is what Webber calls a Sear Station. While a few other grills have sear burners, most can only be used for that purpose, while the one on this grill can be utilized for both searing and grilling.

The sear station provides a higher concentration of heat. Once you achieved your impressive charring results, turn off the middle sear burner and keep using your 424 square inches primary cooking surface as a regular grill. There is also a 105 square inch warming rack to keep any finished food warm while you do the rest.
This grill has three individual burners which provide a total 32,000 Btu-per-hour, plus an additional 12,000 BTU side burner. Each one uses an electronic crossover ignition system that lets you start them with the push of a button.

A side table is built in to give you space for placing serving trays, and you can use the side burner as an additional table by closing its lid.
A steel door gives you access to the tank storage, which includes a convenient fuel gauge to let you know how much gas you’ve got left.
The Webber Spirit E330 grill sits on four heavy-duty casters for excellent mobility, which can be locked to prevent any further movement once you start cooking.

weber 21
weber 31 2

Char-Broil Classic 4-Burner

The Char-Broil’s four stainless steel burners, with a 40,000 BTU output, and 480 square inches of primary cooking, means you will be able to grill a quick weekend family dinner or a tasty full meal for all your friends. Once your food is done, move it over to the 180 square inch warming rack to avoid any over-cooking. This is ideal for keeping your steaks warm while you finish grilling your vegetables.
You get full control over each individual burner for different cooking temperatures, and the grill is easy to fire up, utilizing push-button ignition.
If you need some extra cooking power, there is an additional side burner which is perfect for frying side dishes. Keep your plates nearby with the side stainless-steel table and close the side burner’s lid to use it as a table also.
Both the grates and the warming rack are coated in porcelain, which makes them durable, rust-resistant, and quick to clean. Any grease drippings are channeled through a hole in the bottom of the grill and poured into a removable cup, so you don’t have to worry about any spills on your patio floor.
The grill’s hood includes a thermometer that lets you monitor the temperature inside the grill. As the rest of the grills’ body, it is made from stainless steel, which not only makes it look great outside your home but is also easy to clean.
Your propane tank is hidden by a metal front panel, and two large, sturdy wheels provide excellent mobility

Weber Summit 7170001 S-470

Webber is a grill manufacturer that has been around since 1893, so you can be sure that they know what they are doing. Their grills are used by both first-time chefs and professionals thanks to the wide range of features they include.

The Summit 7170001 has practically everything you need, regardless of the type of food you want to grill. Four stainless-steel burners rated at 48,800 BTUs each have individual heat controls and a self-ignition system ready to prepare your food in a total cooking area of 580-square-inches. Once your food is ready, use the 10,600 BTU-per-hour sear burner to get that distinctive restaurant look on your steak.

There is also a 12,000 BTU-per-hour side burner which will let you prepare your special sauce, or sauté some onions or mushrooms. If you aren’t using it, just keep the lid down, and you will have a table to work on.

In the mood for some rotisserie chicken? Use the 10,600 BTU-per-hour rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner. Once you’re done, tuck away the motor and neatly store the forks in the built-in storage space.

The grill has a stainless-steel smoker box, an enclosed tank storage area, and its lid has a center-mounted thermometer with Celsius and Fahrenheit readings, which is perfect for pre-heating and monitoring your cooking without having to open the hood.

Grilling at night? No problem, use the handle light to illuminate your grilling area. It will turn on automatically when you raise the lid.  You also have a LED tank scale which let you keep track of how much gas you have left in your tank by simply pushing a button.

The grill is built like a tank, with a sturdy welded frame and made from stainless steel. Moving it around is no problem thanks to the two heavy-duty front locking casters and two back swivel casters.



weber 31

Top Built-in Propane grills for 2017

char broil


The Lion 32” Natural Gas Grill is one of the best built in grills out on the market. Made of stainless steel components, the Lion Premium Grill also comes with a Lifetime Warranty on all four of its 75,000 BTU cast burners. Other features include 830 square inches of cooking space, stainless steel cooking grates, commercial cooking knobs, and a Gourmet Package. The Gourmet Package includes Griddle, Griddle Remover, Bottle Opener, Rotisserie, Smoker Box, and Cover.

The Lion Natural Gas Grill is specially made to heat up to, and hold, any temperature that you need for grilling. This makes it ideal for cooking everything from burgers and dogs to whole rotisserie chickens. With its excellent craftsmanship and solid seams, this grill requires very little maintenance. If it ever does need anything replaced, parts are up to half the price of what they are for other major brands. Many owners have reported great grilling seasons (some even entire years) with no problems. Some consumers reported issues with temperature regulation issues, but this was due to valve adjustment issues and people trying to use propane instead of Natural Gas. (Again, this is a NATURAL GAS grill)

With its heavy duty design, this Lion Stainless Steel Natural Gas Grill is the perfect, and only, option for anyone looking for a new grill for their home. It has such a tremendous range of versatility with its temperatures and cooking abilities that it is great for the everyone, from the newest griller to the seasoned grill master.


The Bull Outdoor Liquid Propane 26038 Grill is a beast. It is built with sixteen gauge 304 stainless steel – which is one of the absolute highest and thickest grades of stainless steel in the entire grill industry. Using this high of a grade of stainless steel for the construction of the Bull Grill means that it is extremely resistant to rust, erosion, corrosion, and makes it extremely sturdy. Even the grates are made out of this high-grade steel, making an easier cleanup time for grill masters. Minimal seam allowances make the grill also make the grill more structurally sound.
Each burner is equipped with a Piezo Igniter, which are independent systems that allow minimal wiring within the grill; meaning that there is a lower chance of it food drips creating sparks from the gas going to the burners. With the burners totaling 60,000 BTUs, the chance of a fire is less thanks to the Piezo Igniters.
Being 30” wide, the Bull Grill provides a great grill at a value price to those who do not want to spend a lot but still receive quality cooking power. The grill itself has 210 square inches of warming rack space, 810 square inches of cooking surface space, and comes with a smoker box. (Some reported not receiving their smoker box but were issued a certificate to get one shipped to them) Grease on the shields is also reported as a problem, especially when the grill is on high. (Flashes)

weber 2
char broil


The Bull Outdoor 87049 Lonestar Natural Gas Grill is a tremendous built-in unit. It is built with sixteen gauge 304 stainless steel – which is one of the absolute highest and thickest grades of stainless steel in the entire grill industry. Using this high of a grade of stainless steel for the construction of the Bull Grill means that it is extremely resistant to rust, erosion, corrosion, and makes it extremely sturdy. Even the grates are made out of this top-quality material, making an easier cleanup for grill masters. Minimal seam allowances also make this grill more structurally sound, and able to stand up to most conditions.

Each burner is equipped with a Piezo Igniter, which are independent systems that allow minimal wiring within the grill; meaning that there is a lower chance of it food drips creating sparks from the gas going to the burners. With the burners totaling 60,000 BTUs, the chance of fire is less thanks to the Piezo Igniters. The Lonestar comes equipped with four welded stainless steel bar burners.

The Lonestar also features an Interior Lighting System – twin lights (one on each upper corner) that will allow you to clearly view your cooking surface and foods as you grill. These lights are great because there are times when, even in a well-lit area, you may not be able to see your grill surface correctly. Having these Interior Twin Lights will allow you to grill more accurately.

With welded firebox joints and excellent ventilation, the Bull Lonestar would make a great addition to any deck or patio. On top of all the other great features, this built-in grill is one of the easiest to clean on the market.



The Lion Premium 40” Grill is perfect for the grill masters who like to play and experiment with fire and smoke when it comes to cooking. You have even got an infrared back burner option for rotisserie use too! Anyone can become a mega grill master with this Premium Grill.

Containing 1,030 inches of cooking space, the Lion Premium includes five cast stainless steel burners (totaling 90,000 BTUs) which will allow you to cook it all from the simplest of burgers, to searing off the juiciest of steaks. Customers have mentioned even making pizzas, stuffed tomatoes, carrots, and more. Often consumers did not have to use all five burners to get the grill itself hot; most only report using three or four at most.

The Lion Premium Grill is also made with the highest grade stainless steel available for construction (304-16) and is double layered and welded, creating a seamless look. Six Quick Lite Valves and the extra large temperature gauge allow you to cook your foods easily and efficiently. It also includes two interior lights do that you will be able to see while you’re cooking on an overcast day. The grill also includes a Gourmet Package Set – which includes a Smoker Box, Rotisserie, Cover, Griddle, Bottle Opener, and Griddle Remover.



weber 31
char broil


With superior stainless steel construction, the Napoleon Natural Gas Grill is a grill that is at the top of its class. High standards allow it to feature a steel cooking system, ergonomic control knobs, three burners (totaling 48,000 BTUs), and I-Glow Backlit Technology. (For nighttime entertaining) The Lift Ease Roll Top Lid allows you to not only easily access your cooking area but also allows room to rotisserie style cook if desired. It even has a rear burner for the rotisserie – a feature that would make this grill a great idea for restaurants.

Jetfire igniters let you get going quickly when you’re ready to grill – heating up to 400 degrees in 90 seconds or less. (Which is ideal for a grill) For those who like to go traditional, there is also a tray that will allow you to cook with traditional charcoal if desired. You will need to watch the tray though because sometimes it does fit loosely into the tray area. (This is particularly the case while cooking with gas because missing any food drips would mean additional cleaning)

Please be aware, while the Napoleon is able to cook rotisseries and use charcoal (in the tray) both items have to be ordered separately and DO NOT come with the actual grill.

Several customers have also reported missing pieces upon receiving their grill (specifically sear plates) so be sure to check your package upon arrival. Also, remember that this is a NATURAL GAS grill; as some boxes have been delivered saying “Propane & Natural Gas”